Trade License Registration

22:17, 02/09,2018
Trade License is a certificate or document issued by the competent authorities. This certificate empowers the holder to carry on the business in the field and area specified in the application. It is mandatory requirement to apply for trade license before commencing any business activity. Who issues Trade License The power to issue trade license lies with the state government. And the State government has delegated this power to municipal corporations for their respective jurisdictions. How to Apply for Trade License Trade license can be applied either online or offline. Many states have provided the facility of Online Trade License Application. However, in other cases manual application is required to be submitted in the authorities. The application is required to be submitted with the following documents: 1. Duly filled application in the Form 353 or 354, as the case may be. 2. Aadhaar Card is mandatory if the applicant is an individual. 3. PAN Card along with Incorporation certificate or document if the applicant is any Company, LLP, Firm etc, 4. Tax payment receipt of the latest period. 5. Consent letter or Lease documents from the property Owner. Who should Apply To be able to apply for Trade License the applicant should fulfill the below mentioned two requirements: 1. The applicant must not have criminal record. 2. The person must have Objective The main objective of Trade License is to preserves local environment of residential areas by restricting people from running certain types of businesses from their home. Trade License is issued only if the business is conducted and run in the Permitted area. These permitted areas include Commercial, Local commercial, Notified Commercial, Mixed Land Use or small shops of maximum 20 sq.m. on ground floor in Residential areas. Source url -